Here is the new quilt in progress, quilting madly inside, and staying out of the heat.  You can see the areas that are not quilted and how the edges are rippling.  Of course I will get to those areas too, but if I didn’t, I would have a really hard time blocking that puppy flat.

Blocking Your Art Quilt

What do you need to do once you finish quilting your fiber art piece?  You should be blocking it to straighten edges and flatten the ripples if there are any, and there usually are some!  Hopefully you have quilted your piece so that there are not large areas of unquiltedness.  You should aim for the […]

In the Beginning…

I haven’t made a pictorial quilt in a while and I’m enjoying it. I find it easier than abstract quilts which are made spontaneously, and unlike the pictorial quilts, have no road map to follow. That picture above shows the transparency that I trace from the photo. I project it on the wall and decide […]