Felt Making with Liz Spear

IN THIS ISSUE FEATURE ARTICLE:  FELTY THINGS ROXANE RECOMMENDS WHERE’S ROXANE? FEATURE ARTICLE:   This past weekend, I did a nuno-felt making workshop with my old pal Liz Spear.  Yes, I am crazy, but we all knew that.  You are thinking- what’s an art quilter doing in a felting class?  Well, I’ll tell you.  When […]

Miriam’s Quilt

January is almost over!  I had a lovely birthday a few days ago.  Plus, I got to teach an impromptu private workshop yesterday.  Come see what we made….    IN THIS POST:  MIRIAM’S FIRST QUILT, DID YOU KNOW?  So a few days ago, one of my students emails me and wants to know if I can […]

What I’m excited about in 2013

IN THIS POST: What I’m learning this year  Roxane Recommends    What I’m excited about this year: I recently became aware of TED talks.  They are terrific.  But the one that really spoke to me about how I want to live my life was given by Brene Brown.  She is a researcher who studies vulnerability, […]