Dolphins Rising-Work In Progress

I finally got back into the studio to do some more quilting on Dolphins Rising.  I do love to quilt, so why then do I procrastinate some days?  There are hours and hours of quilting in this art quilt, but that hasn’t stopped me before.  Maybe I’m getting lazy as the good weather is now […]

A Taste of Florida

  My girls and I went to St. Petersburg , FL last week and it was sunny and beautiful.  We hit the beach, the town, and saw the girls’ grandma.  We also went on a nature preserve tour, and saw many lovely birds. We got to see the new Rio movie, and saw animated birds […]

Liturgical Stoles

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Lately I’ve been working on clerical stoles for ministers to be sold on this website:  Here are the two I’ve made so far.  They are fused and quilted.  The one with spirals has couched novelty yarn to create the designs.  If you know of any non-trad. ministers […]