Rock Your Quilting Workshop & A Video For You!

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A Most Excellent Weekend

Stopping and Starting Video

Where’s Roxane?

A Most Excellent Weekend

Wow, this weekend flew by!  Rock Your Quilting workshop was a huge success.  I had 3 hard working and dedicated ladies.  I really put them through their paces as I taught them as much as I could about free motion quilting.  We worked on:  machines, threads, needles, and tensions;  we practiced different patterns from my Doodle book;  we quilted some zen doodles; we began a practice piece which started with a scrap of a print;  we tried using all kinds of threads and bobbin work; and how to analyze which patterns and threads are best fot a particular quilt.  We even practiced feathers a bit!  All of this to say, I am very proud of the amazing progress they made.  I will post pictures later.  Congrats ladies, you know who you are!  If you would like to take this workshop, I will be offering it again in January 2013.  Please comment below if you would like to find out more.

Stopping and Starting Video

So as we were quilting merrily along, I realized the ladies were having trouble stopping and starting their quilting lines neatly and easily.  This is a simple, but necessary skill for any quilter if you want neat endings and beginnings, without lumpy thread clumps.  Here is a little video I made to show you how it’s done.  I confess I had to brush up my ending technique by reading a great online tutorial by Diane Gaudynski, who does meticulous work. It’s so amazing what you can learn on YouTube these days!   It’s very short, so I offer it to you quilters out there: Click on the link below.

Stopping & Starting

Where’s Roxane ?

I’ll be working in the studio on a new 3-D line of wall sculptures, and finishing up on other UFO’s to get them ready for the Piedmont Craftsmen Show in November.


3-D sculpture



 Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.

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