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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

Ok now that I have your attention- lol, no one I know is pregnant. But I am “birthing” a new piece. My friend Lori, has a midwifery school, and works with women who have had birth trauma.  This summer I reconnected with her and was delighted her programs were doing so well. Her work is life -changing and so important. So I was thrilled to be asked to create a new piece for her office loosely based on her logo. She asked me to use symbols that are used in the world of midwives, such as, the tree of life, the moon, the placenta, water and so on.  That gave me some ideas and I came up with this sketch.

The tree of life is personified by the mother/tree spirit, and the fetus is closely held to her, surrounded by the stylized waters of the womb. The crescent moon looks over all. This image came very quickly to me to I went with it.

Next I chose a blue hand dye for the background to depict a Spring evening as the moon comes out over a budding willow tree. I transferred my design using Transdoodle after enlarging my drawing. I love that stuff!

As I moved into the waters of the womb, I decided to gradate my values starting with the light blue of the fetus and getting progressively more turquoise and darker.

That presented a problem. As the colors got darker in value they faded into the background. But I didn’t worry- I just got out my paint kit. I decided to paint the area at the bottom with a gradation of white to lighten the surrounding bottom area, where the darker colors would go. It worked!

For those of you experimenting with paint in your work, I used my white opaque Jacquard textile paint mixed with GAC Golden fabric medium to spread and blend the paint.  In case you are wondering, the pink blob at the top is her face and will be surrounded by hair and tree limbs.  I just haven’t worked on that bit yet 🙂  This one will be fun to quilt and I plan to add some light green wool tendrils to be the branches and leaves of the tree.

As usual, Teeny is always in the way or on the lookout for squirrels. I think she needs another pillow…what do you think?

It’s been a while since I was making in the studio and I missed it. I am so grateful to be working on a project again. What are you working on this Fall?

If you need help with your quilting project, just remember I am available for 1 hour sessions by video chat or in person. Just shoot me an email and we can set up a time: roxane@roxanelessa.com.

If you are or if you know the program chair for your guild, please review my class selections (https://blog.roxanelessa.com/class-list/ ) and book me for your guild. I am still available for some dates this year or next.
Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.

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Oh and before I forget- I have a new Facebook Group called Joyful Art Quilting. You can head on over there to discuss your projects in more detail and see what others are up to.  It’s a fun, non-judgmental place to meet and share.  Here’s the link to go join the group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1507846232658642/


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Private Intensive for Art Quilters- a 7 week adventure to learn how you can make great art quilts. Whatever your plans, I hope you include some studio time for yourself.  Make art, make it often, and enjoy it!  And if you want some help, click on the link to get some support!

And if you still have questions, doubts, fears…. please feel free to email me at roxane@roxanelessa.com.

Painted Morning Glory


Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint details for depth and realism on your quilts?


If the answer is yes, read on.  My popular Painted & Fused Morning Glory class is going to be offered online  to the general public for the first time.  I have taught this class many times and each time I’m awed at the fabulous results everyone gets, with each flower being slightly different.

This class is open for registration and is only $39.00!

And you can do it at your own pace in your own house, in your jammies, without running around.  All lessons will be available to you at the same time, in case you get inspired and want to work fast.

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I am opening up my It’s Elemental! online class.  But there’s still time to get on board. It’s 8 weeks and only $97 and includes a group live video session. This may be the last time I am offering this class, and it’s perfect for newbies who want to get a crash course in design and composition.  Here’s the link to find out about it and enroll; https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/25831/enroll


If you want to take a class with me- CALL ME at 919-602-2260.   I can teach for a small group of your friends, like I did a while back for my friend Joyce Marks and her quilting buddies.  We had a blast and I tailored the classes to her group’s interests.

And you can always take an online class with me- see below!




Here’s what one guild VP had to say recently:

I’m usually Johnny on the Spot but missed the boat last week re these BIG THANKS.  Loved your presentation. Heard very positive and supportive remarks from the guests…thank you again for the well-defined and creative presentation.  Look forward to seeing you again. 


Here’s a link to my contract with current lecture and class rates:  Contract


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Roxane is a full time studio textile artist, teacher, and author, with two girls, who are both growing up too fast!  She recently appeared on Quilting Arts TV, and has taught at the Houston quilt show.  She is also a BERNINA ambassador. Her work is in several private collections and she loves doing custom commissions.  For more info go to http://roxanelessa.com.

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