An Inspiration Challenge!

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Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!

Learning how to make art is a long and winding road.  When I do art shows, people usually ask 2 things: How long does that take to make and how do you make it?  I answer them, but I think the more important question to ask is why do I make it?  What drives me to create?  And why fiber?

And why am I even telling you this?  🙂

Because I want to see if you feel this way too.

I create because I have to.  I see colors and shapes in my head.   I see them glowing in bright gorgeous colors with texture and depth.  I have a physical need to put the fabrics, shapes and colors together until I get something I like.  Until all the parts click into place.  Like a deeply satisfying Rubics cube. Do you ever feel that way?


Celestial Celebration

Right now, I am in a lull between projects, and I feel the urge to dive into my stash and make.  Make what?  I don’t know, I don’t care.  Do you ever feel that way?

I think it’s time to go back to my Inspiration Notebook, like I tell all my students, and find something to spark that flame.  What’s an Inspiration Notebook, you ask?  It’s a  collection of images that make me want to hole up in the studio for days, emerging happy but tired with something beautiful I have made.  When I get in that zone, I forget to eat, to pee, to check in with the outside world.  Do you ever feel that way?  I would love to hear how you feel about your art making- if you feel like sharing in the comments section.  Until then, don’t let the Holidays distract you with mindless shopping.

Here’s the Challenge:

Make something unique and soul satisfying.   Make it small, so you can do it quickly, then send me the picture so we can all see!  It could be a special ornament, or a small art quilt, anything you feel inspired to make. Let’s inspire each other!! Send it to  One lucky, randomly drawn person who sends me a picture of something they made as a result of this challenge will get free entry into my new online class starting in January 2016.  This is a $397 value and the name of the class is Design Your Dream Art Quilt!!  This is done  by the honor system, so don’t post something you have already made.  I will do the drawing on Dec. 23rd.

Until then, happy creating!




The Needle Felting Flower video IS ready.  So if you haven’t seen it and want to get your free pattern- just email me and I’ll send it your way.  See below.






New 6 month Private Coaching Masterclass!

 I have extended my private coaching program, from 3 months to 6 months.  I believe the transformation my students are looking for must take place over a longer period of time to have a lasting impact.

I want you to make the most amazing, original art quilts that you can.  That is why I am now accepting private students who are serious about their creative expression in the world of art quilting.  Take advantage of my 17+ years as a textile artist, and speed up your learning curve. To work with me privately, please set up your initial, no obligation,  free Get Creative Call here: Schedule Appointment You can find out more by clicking on the Testimonials and Private Coaching tabs to the right in the sidebar or at the menu at the top.



Don’t forget to get yours:  Quilting Arts TV has the new 1500 Series available for download-  YES this is the one I am in (squee!!) Click HERE to get yours.


Susan and I on set

My Pinterest: You can take a look at my pins, which are organized on different “boards” HERE.

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Roxane is a full time studio textile artist, teacher, and author, with two girls, who are both growing up too fast!  She recently appeared on Quilting Arts TV, and has taught at the Houston quilt show.  She is also a BERNINA ambassador. Her work is in several private collections and she loves doing custom commissions.  For more info go to

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2 thoughts on “An Inspiration Challenge!

  1. So glad you answered the question Why Make Art? on your own blog. I feel the same way–gotta do it! Love pulling out all kinds of textiles to see how they might play together. Love not knowing what it’ll be until it’s done–yes, that click that happens and you know you’re done. Love the surprise of bringing forth something I didn’t consciously know was inside and wanted to come out.

    Every artist has his/her own reasons, which is why I posted about an exhibit at Arts Benicia: Why Make Art? It was so interesting to read how other artists described their reasons for engaging in the creative process.

    1. Mirka,
      Thanks for your reply and link to your wonderful blog. I too loved hearing what pushes other artists to make art.

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