Are You a Stage 2 Art Quilter?

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Are You a Stage 2 Art Quilter? 

Watch this video and find out!

Stage 2 quilters are all about the technique.  How does it get made?  Can I do that too? I need to take more classes, buy more stuff, try it all out!  You are experimenting, sometimes you like what you make, sometimes you don’t, but it’s all ok- because you are learning what you like to do.  This stage is great fun.  But it also has it’s downside….

At some point, you look at what you’ve been making, and realize that putting more Angelina Fibers, more crystals, more fancy stitches gets a bit……much.  Not that there’s anything wrong with all those fun things.  But more is not always more.

To give your work impact, a voice, and some consistency, at some point you need to move beyond Stage 2.  Why?  Can’t I play with all the goodies forever, you say?

Sure, but they need to be at service to the whole piece, the whole design- not just be what the whole design is about.  Is this making any sense?

So what to do, you say?

Here’s a great action step:  look over all your work to date, pick out your favs, and ask yourself why you like them.  Pick out one aspect of that- say, it’s the use of texture to show an animal’s fur, and use intense texture to make something else. Or just make something abstract using texture as your main design element.

Make sure your art quilt is about something- not just about techniques or embellishments- give it a main focus.  It will appeal to more people that way!

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Stage 2 Art Quilter?

  1. Thank you for the video on the 5 stages. It was quite interesting. (I am in your Dancing with Design online Class) I believe I am at the end of Stage 2 entering Stage 3. I have a history of being a jack of all trades, master of none… and I want to go beyond this. I have discovered that I love fabric collage after taking a class this winter. I find I get “sucked in” and don’t resurface for hours when I am collaging. When I have tried other forms of quilting, I find myself in a sweat and unsure of myself. Despite that, I do still want to take some more classes to learn more to add to my collage work. I am not quite confident enough to try to learn on my own yet! My biggest weakness is design and composition, so your class falls into the category of continued learning! I have started to share my work with friends and ask for critics, but never have even thought about entering a quilt show!!
    Listening to the 5 stages gave me some good insight into where I am and where I want to go. Thanks again!

    1. Michelle,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment! HOpefully, you will start to trust yourself more and more as you get some practice with the elements and principles of design. Then it can be yours for whatever work you want to try, collage (which is fun!) or anything really. And not doing all this in a vacuum is really important so you can get some perspective on how others are seeing your work. So asking for feedback from others you respect and entering shows is all a great way to do that. Keep on keeping on! I’m really glad you are in that class too because that’s why I decided to make it.

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