Teacher or Student?

(opens in a new tab) Am I teacher or student? Which am I?   Now I am BOTH!   First, a quick apology- my email, roxane@roxanelessa.com was recently hacked. If you got a strange spammy email, that wasn’t me. I changed passwords and added an upgraded security patch, and it shouldn’t happen again.   Now […]

It’s Been Way Too Long!!

Has it really been May since I last posted? I know. We’ve all been a little preoccupied, and it’s been way too long. That last piece I was working on? (opens in a new tab)       I finished and called it Grace Bay. Grace Bay was the beautiful beach my  honey and I […]

Chaos & Creation

Welcome New Readers and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! It’s been a long time since I sat down to write about what I’ve been making! If you are like me, I’ve been adjusting slowly to life at home, teaching from home, and generally learning how to survive isolation. I teach my […]