Boylan Art Walk 2013 Is Here!

Fabric art card

FEATURE ARTICLE: Boylan Art Walk 2013 Is Here! So you wanna get your shopping done for the Holidays, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.  You hate the mall, and all that it stands for.   You’d like to shop LOCAL if you can, but you have uber hard- to- buy- […]

New 3-D Work

Fan Formation #1

  FEATURE ARTICLE: New 3-D Work ROXANE RECOMMENDS:  Classes with Lyric Kinard NEW 3-D WORK Here’s the new 3-D work from my studio.     This way of building wall sculpture as you go is really fun.  It evolves organically and tests my design skills.  While creating these sculptures, you have to focus on balance, and […]

Making 3-D Textile Art

blue/white fan

IN THIS ISSUE -OOPS!  I had to resend because the Read More link wasn’t working!  Sorry! FEATURE ARTICLE: Making 3-D Textile Art ROXANE RECOMMENDS:  Giclee Prints for Gifts Making 3-D Textile Art Are you ready to go to the Third Dimension? (Cue dramatic music).  I have been making 3-D textile art for a while now. […]