News from the Holidays

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND DECADE! Here’s a quick recap of the Holidays- very quick! There was a lot of kitty lounging… Some paper pieced ornament and cookie making… And of course I took my sweetie to see my students dance in the (what else?) Nutcracker. Here are 2 of my most advanced students in the […]

Traveling to Quilters by the Sea

Hey Everyone & A Big Welcome to New Subscribers! A few weeks ago, I took a short drive down to Wilmington by the sea to work with a wonderful group of art quilters. They call themselves Quilters by the Sea.  It’s really fun when teaching a new group to see the light bulbs go off […]

How is designing an art quilt like playing with legos?

Last time we talked about the initial stages of beginning a new original art quilt.  In this post, I will share one of my pieces I wrote 5 years ago on the subject of the elements of design and how to use them in your work. Yes I have been writing and learning and teaching […]