What’s Happening in My Studio?

(opens in a new tab)What’s happening in my studio these days? More work on the second month of Sheila Frampton Cooper’s Block of the Month class. When she says “block,” it really means a loose collection of colors, shapes and lines pieced together.  It doesn’t actually resemble a real block.  We start out with a […]

Teacher or Student?

(opens in a new tab) Am I teacher or student? Which am I?   Now I am BOTH!   First, a quick apology- my email, roxane@roxanelessa.com was recently hacked. If you got a strange spammy email, that wasn’t me. I changed passwords and added an upgraded security patch, and it shouldn’t happen again.   Now […]

It’s Been Way Too Long!!

Has it really been May since I last posted? I know. We’ve all been a little preoccupied, and it’s been way too long. That last piece I was working on? (opens in a new tab)       I finished and called it Grace Bay. Grace Bay was the beautiful beach my  honey and I […]