Coming About

Coming About

Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers! Have you ever been on a sailboat?  I love the quiet, the smell of the ocean, the concentration on which way the wind is blowing and is the sail luffing?  We sailors have a term called “coming about”.  It means when you are changing direction or tacks according to a change in the wind, or to take advantage of the wind.  The mainsail needs to swing quickly across the bow, and the sailor needs to say “Coming About!”, less the other folks in the boat get whacked by the sail and catapulted into the sea.  Everyone aboard needs to coordinate their body weight and movements quickly so the boat doesn’t capsize.

It’s mid -Summer and I like to pause and reflect about the year so far.  How’s your year going?  What are you most proud of?  What would you still like to accomplish in the days ahead?  Is it time for you to “come about” in some area of your life?

This is not a rhetorical question.  I challenge you (gently) to ask yourself, and share below in the comments what you most truly want to be, do and have in the next 3-6 months.

Ok, I’ll start, since I brought it up!  I intend to be more calm, centered and find joy in everyday things.  I would like more than anything to move people with my art work so much that they collect it for their home or place of work.  I plan to research and find gallery representation to help me with that. And finally, I wish to share all that I know with you, my readers, and fellow artists so that we can together bring joy and beauty to the world around us.

It’s my firm belief that the world with all it’s war, poverty, and suffering needs artists.  The more artists the better.  We are the dreamers, the visionaries, the creators.  We inspire, lead and teach others. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now….

So tell me, what’s your most fervent wish for yourself, your art making or your whatever makes you tick?  Let’s start a good thread here and keep the conversation going.  Be brave. After all, isn’t that what making art is all about?  Expressing yourself.

Ok, it’s back to the studio for me.  I’m working on quilting my abstracts, and dreaming up new art.  Here’s a pic of the new one:

Coming About
Coming About


I think I’ll call it Coming About, inspired by sailing on a blue ocean, and changing direction with the wind.

Speaking of the ocean, how about a beachy challenge?  If you love the beach like I do, and have always wanted to make a beach themed art quilt, I’m issuing a challenge for the next month or so.  Anyone can participate, regardless of skill level.  As an added bonus, .a lucky winner gets a free 1 hour art quilt coaching session with moi. Sounds fun?  It will be, let me know in the comments if you are in.


ROXY RECOMMENDS  See my work and purchase it at Cary Gallery of Artists

Energy Series & little art quilt cubes
Energy Series & little art quilt cubes

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I want you to make the most amazing, original art quilts that you can.  That is why I am now accepting private students who are serious about their creative expression in the world of art quilting.  Take advantage of my 15+ years as a textile artist, and speed up your learning curve. To work with me privately, please set up your initial, no obligation,  free Get Creative Call here: Schedule Appointment You can find out more by clicking on the Testimonials and Private Coaching tabs to the right in the sidebar or at the menu at the top. Did You Know? That I am on Pinterest?  Did you know that there are many amazing art quilts and traditional quilts being pinned every day, just waiting for you to look at? Never before has so much inspiration been in one place.  It’s like having an art museum in your hands.  If you haven’t checked it out, there are many, many types of things being pinned. It’s super easy to get started.  You can take a look at my pins, which are organized on different “boards” HERE.  Once you are on that page, you can click on the Get Started Button to make your own page on Pinterest.  Then start pinning!  I can spend a lot of time on Pinterest, because it’s all visual.  And I have a feeling, you will too! CUSTOM COMMISSIONS And don’t forget, I make custom commissions too! Read what my client Glenda had to say about her custom commission experience: “Normally, I would be anxious about commissioning someone to do a work of art such as this. However, I felt a connection to you when Leigh showed me your work. It resonated with me and when I met you, you seemed almost a personification of your work. I immediately felt comfortable with you and knew that what you would create would be stunning. And it is!” About Roxane Roxane-Web-Images-007 Roxane is a full time studio textile artist and teacher with two girls and 1 fat cat. She is a 2012 Niche Award Winner and exhibits her work all over the world. Her work is in several private collections and loves doing custom commissions.  For more info go to If you and a small group of folks want a more private instruction experience, call me. We can work out a studio workshop in my studio. Just drop me an email: Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa. Hey, if you like this blog, please hit the FB or Twitter icon in the top right sidebar and share with others! That’s why they are there…..:)


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