Doing the work

Yessiree, summer is over.  And I have been back in the studio today after the long weekend.  The quilting is coming along on Blue Desert.  Two problems are coming up:  1. the edges are getting quite distorted and 2.  how the heck will I hang this very wide piece?  Some of you may have encountered these problems before, and I have too, so I will share what I know.  Please email with any other tips you may have so we can all benefit.

First, the edges are rippling due to unequal areas of quilting:

Blue Desert, unfinished


How I have solved this problem in the past is to run a line of long stitches close to the edge of the finished edge of the rectangle.  Then pull up the long running stitches in the rippled areas until it lies flat.  Then I pin to my design wall, nice and flat,  and spritz with water.  Then I let that puppy dry overnight and usually it is flat enough to finish the edges and hang.  I’m glad I decided to use a traditional binding, after quilting, because my quilting textures are very heavy in some areas and light in others.  If I had finished the edges first and then quilted, I would have a wavy hot mess on my hands.

Bobbin work


This green perle cotton was put in the bobbin and stitched from the back side.  Nice texture, huh?

Problem #2

This piece is roughly 45″ long.  I could put 2 hanging sleeves with a space in the middle, so the center could be supported somehow.  Of course, part of me wants to mount it on a stiff surface, like foam core.  But then I wouldn’t be able to enter it into quilt shows.  Maybe I could do both and attach to foam core with velcro.  What do you think?

Don’t forget to sign up for the classes you want!  There is still time to join us in Chapel Hill this Sat. 10-4 for the ColorPlay for Quilters at Thimble Pleasures.  It’s a great class to bone up on your color and design skills, which impacts all your fabric and thread choices.  Hope to see you soon in class or at a show!

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2 thoughts on “Doing the work

  1. I had a piece that just didn’t want a “quilt show entry” finish. Finally I said “This is my art and it can only be what it wants to be with foam core backing.”
    Now it hangs on the wall in my guest room, a one-woman quilt show with its own rules, and I am generally awarded first prize and judge’s choice by guests who stay there.

    1. Good for you Judy! I ended up using a long aluminum slat with 3 holes drilled (one in the middle), and 2 hanging sleeves with a small space in the middle.

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