Felting Guest Artist: Elynn Bernstein


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Recently I met a fellow textile artist at the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair.  She kept walking around in the most intriguing felted creations- I had to check out her stuff!  All I could think was, she looks like a beautiful fairy.  So let me share her gorgeous work with you too.


Guest Blogger: Elynn Bernstein

 Nuno Felting, What it is and the What it takes to do it.

Not many people know about Felt or the Art of Felt making. While some people have a vague childhood recollection of what felt is , the image they conjure up is one of a material that is stiff and non pliable . This is a far cry from the felt that is made today for fine art to wear garments.  

 I am a felter. I have been making felted art wear for 5 years now, and before that I was a painter for 25 years .

  I met Roxane at the Piedmont craftsman Show in November.  She was admiring my work and ended up buying one of my  Nuno felted  tops, which seemed to be made just for her. It was perfect for her-  the color, the fit, and the style.

my nuno felted top

She asked me appear as a guest writer for her blog and to write a little blurb about the felting process so here it is. 

Felting is the oldest non woven material known. It dates back to 500 BC. Nuno felting is somewhat similar to traditional wet felting but can produce very different results. By manipulating a minimum amount of loose wool fiber through a loosely  woven base,  a felted fabric with characteristics quite different than traditional felt occurs . My nuno felt is very lightweight, with wonderful drape and flexibility. I often work with many different types of materials besides silk enabling me to get a wide variety of unique textural effects. I love the dyeing the wool and silks. Not only does it take advantage of my ability to use color  but  I get to create colors and patterns that are my own, just like when I painted. 

Here is a photo collage of the felting process. 

Developing the color palette and making the dyes for the wool and silk

The painted silk- over 4 yards of it.

Laying the wool on the silk very lightly

The wool is laid out and wetted , ready to roll.  

This table is 56 inches wide.

 The finished piece after hours of rolling, rubbing, kneading, throwing, shrinking, and  shaping. The Reward is  a beautifully designed, ever so soft Nuno Felted shawl.   

Elynn’s work can be found at amanostudios.com

  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!                                                                                                   


Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.

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