The Fiber Art Connection- Blog Hop & Prize Giveaway!

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Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!

Remember the new Fiber Art Connection online learning community I told you about?   We are having a blog hop with some cool giveaway prizes for comments left on the blogs.  Registration is now open, and the first class starts March 1, and registration closes March 15.  To register go to:

There are 10 weeks, each week a different teacher teaches a different class, with material presented for each day of the week There’s a great FAQ here:

NOW, here is the way to win the big goody basket of prizes.

1. Register for the class

2. Leave a comment on this blog post answering this question:  What’s the number one thing you would like to learn/improve in your art quilting?

3.  Share a link to this blog post on social media and then leave another comment here telling me you did so

4. Sign up for the  mailing list, link found

You can enter at each stop along the blog tour, commenting on all the posts will be open until midnight your local time on 3/14, which is the day before the course actually starts. After combining all the entries, we’ll use to choose a winner, Desiree will ship the prize to the  lucky winner that next day so you could use the items in the classes.



Candy Glendening has come up with a list of questions for all of us to answer so you can get to know us better.

So here are my answers:

1)      What draws you to the fiber arts? Why do you work the way you do?

Let me count the ways!  I love the colors, the textures, the myriad of ways you can change the fabric, and make things with it.  I like to work with color and texture, using fused applique and paint because it is the easiest and fastest way to get realistic results.

2)      Tell us about your studio! Where in the world is it? Is it clean or messy? Is it hidden away or out in the open?

My studio is an extra bedroom in my apartment in North Carolina, USA.  It is a bit messy, but I try to clean up between projects or I can’t find anything!  It’s my favorite place to be when I’m not dancing or teaching.

3)      What’s your favorite color and why?

I love most of them, but I love watermelon pink because it’s so joyful.

4)      What’s your least favorite thing to do when you’re working a piece?

Hmmm, probably making the label and the hanging sleeve, because I just want to be moving on to the next idea.

5)      If you could fly where would you go?

Japan, Australia, any where exotic and beautiful and peaceful.

6)      Tell us about the class you’re teaching in The Fiber Art Connection. What do you hope your students will learn from this?

This class is a really easy way to learn fused applique and textile painting, while creating a gorgeous little floral art quilt.  I hope my students will gain confidence with the paint in transforming a flat piece of fabric into a flower with depth and brilliance.  Hopefully, they will be enabled to paint on other art quilts using these same techniques and paints.

7)      Where else can we find you on the internet?

This blog:

My website:


My FB page:

I also teach my own online classes on Ruzuku, which you can learn about through my blog.  Just click on online classes.

A place to Connect and Learn from the Top Fiber Artists of Today !

Once again the teachers will be:

  • Desiree Habicht
  • Me
  • Candy Glendening
  • Liz Kettle
  • Rayna Gillman
  • Cecile Whatman
  • Deborah Babin
  • Ruth Chandler

And here we all are!

IMG_1780 IMG_1781

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37 thoughts on “The Fiber Art Connection- Blog Hop & Prize Giveaway!

  1. I’d like to learn more about principles of design. This would move me along on my fibre art projects.

  2. I am looking forward to your session. I’ve been fiddling with applique and fabric painting and felting and seeing how others put the skills together is really exciting.

    1. I have to say, I love your site, your work, and your personality. Xan finds you cute. I ignored that comment, but you might like it. Your story this week and last is just cute. Reminds me in Men in Black, only waaaaaay freakin better. Glad to know you.

    1. Helen, I hope you will get that info from the free motion quilting class. I also have a few You Tube videos on my channel that talk about needles , threads and tension you might find helpful. Here’s one

  3. I am looking forward to the class and what I am most hoping to gain is confidence in my ability to assess what I am creating. I do need to learn a lot of other skills as well, but lack of confidence is my biggest obstacle. I’d love to win the goodie bag, but look forward to getting to know everyone and create fun new projects.

    1. Well girlfriend, you have joined the right group if you’re looking for confidence building! My experience is limited to Desiree, so far, but she has been the greatest cheerleader I’ve come across in many years. It’s sort of like learning to swim . . . Put your face in the water, blow bubbles, flap your arms around and kick your feet and the next thing you know, you’re on the other side of the pool! It might not be pretty the first time, but it just gets better and better with good coaches and lots of practice. See you on the other side!

  4. I would like to learn more about coloring fabric, especially dyeing fabric for more painterly effects. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  5. I think I’ve gotten just my toes wet with fiber arts, and I’m ready to take the plunge into the deep end! Perhaps I will be paddling around–hopefully, not in circles–before I’m ready for something a little over my head….

  6. I’ve been busy collecting up all sorts of fibers. I love learning about all of the different techniques and always look for new ones. Thanks for offering the goodies..

  7. The number one thing I would like to learn is how to improve my free motion quilting. Thanks for all the inspiration in this blog hop!

  8. I am a newbie here but excited to learn from teachers and students. How do I even jump in so I can learn to swim? How do I integrate techniques learned over the last few years with the creation of something that is genuinely my own work.

    1. Natalie, a good solid background in design and composition is very helpful in pulling together everything you have and will learn!

  9. I love the look of these items and wonder where you get your inspiration from. But most of all how do you get your ideas onto the material.

  10. Grace, great question. When I am working with an idea- I let the materials tell me how they want to be used. Sometimes I just play with them with no idea to see what they naturally want to do- does that make sense? I’m working on a whole cloth silk piece right now in that way.

  11. I would like to learn how to create depth with fabric texture, color, line, etc. and quilting.

  12. I would like to learn how to develop abstract ideas that I can use to create an awsome quilt!!!

  13. I would like to learn (aka as allow myself) to play more rather than look at each project as a finished product.

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