Fiber: We all need more of it!


Today I walked over to the Museum of Natural History here in Raleigh, NC.  One of the joys of living downtown is I can walk every where.  Truthfully, it’s usually too hot to walk that far, but today is blissfully cooler and drier.

Once there, I got my daily dose of fiber (no not my oatmeal, or as my kids call it, sludge).  You should run, not walk to see this FREE exhibit on climate change.  It is beautifully illustrated by Mary Edna Fraser’s huge batik silk paintings.

Here is an example: This little thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.  I recommend a healthy dose of fiber every day, so get you some!



And to all my students, my Fall schedule for teaching is set.  Go to Bernina World of Sewing or Thimble Pleasures for classes, dates and times.  I hope to challenge and inspire you in each and every class.  Also if you get a friend to sign up for my class, you will get a free hand-dyed fat quarter!

That’s it for now!

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