Pacific Paradise

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It’s finished, it’s finished! It’s finally finished! My big, giant quilt is done!  I named it Pacific Paradise, mostly because that’s the first thing that came into my head, :). It measures 55″ wide by 28.5″ tall. Needless to say, it will be a while before I make a large piece again. But, the subject matter of the vast Pacific ocean viewed from the cliffs just demanded that large scale.  I can’t believe I was actually there in person. The majesty of that scene moved me to make this piece.

There were a few technical challenges related to the size of quilting a large piece. Luckily, my trusty Bernina 710 was up to the challenge with extra harp space.  The paisley sky fabric at the top was a silky nightmare, that was hard to quilt. My gloves wouldn’t even hold it, and I kept breaking my thread. In the end I had to slow down, and use a Microtex sharp needle 12 with my Polyester Superior thread. That needle seemed to pierce the fabric better and create less drag on the thread. A different needle can usually solve breakage problems as long as your top tension isn’t too tight.

The painted portion of the sky worked well on the left when the cloud banks were well defined, but on the right the clouds were soft and diffuse. Much harder to do with paint. So I resorted to adding white wool roving captured under some white tulle and stitching it down on the edges with clear monofilament thread.

On the mountains I had to embroider the trees and foliage BEFORE I layered and quilted the whole piece. If I hadn’t done that, the edges would be all distorted with extra quilting in that area.  I also used a piece of sew in interfacing in those areas to help stabilize the fabric. Believe me, I have learned those lessons the hard way on other pieces.  If you have uneven quilting on your whole quilt, your quilt will never lay flat. Best to pre-embroider, then go back and add some quilting lines later AFTER adding batting and backing.

I used a facing to finish the edges and hand stitched them all to the back (several hours of hand stitching).

The label awaits hand stitching on the back.

On the whole I am pleased, but still have a nagging feeling something is missing. I will put it away for a while and look at it later.  Please enter any comments on this piece below- I welcome your feedback!

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