How to Design & Start an Art Quilt

Many of my students and readers online in my Facebook group, Joyful Art Quilting have been asking how to design and start an art quilt. It’s a loaded question, which begets many other questions. I think this question is so large it may actually be a series of posts. So let’s dive in…

First of all, you should ask yourself, what do you love? What gets you excited visually? Is it color? Is it texture? Is it a landscape or a person or pet? Of all the infinite choices, you must start with an idea that gets you revved up. Maybe you already have something in mind? ( see my last post about the pilot’s view from the cockpit) Or maybe you have seen someone else’s work that you just adore. Do you have your idea/subject in mind yet?

Second, how will you make this piece? What style or techniques do you want to use? Quite often the look you want will drive the techniques you choose. For instance, to make clouds that are quite soft and fluffy, I chose to use white wool roving bits lightly sewn onto sky fabric.

Or you may choose to machine piece an entire art quilt because you want all the edges finished, because it makes the color and movement the star of the piece.

Once I have these ideas in mind, I might decide to sketch on paper to get them more fully realized. All ideas are rough at this stage and subject to change. Quite often, though, I will start with a photograph or collection of photographs of something that has inspired me. Lately it has been the landscapes of Hawaii. Then I have another series of questions I ask: how realistic do I want this to be?, do the colors have to be real?, should I abstract it partially? completely? The final answer to those questions will determine the look and feel of my final art quilt, as well as the techniques used. (The piece at the top of the post was realistic, but the colors were not).

Sometimes you may have an idea of what you want your finished piece to look like but no idea HOW to make it. Don’t let that stop you. Learn the techniques you need from all the classes, books and videos that are available to you now. Half the fun of making something is learning as you go. A smaller “study” type piece can be helpful if you’re not sure. The great master painters often painted smaller studies before embarking on a large expensive piece.

Next time, I will write some more about the actual design process, editing for good design, and other considerations before actual construction begins. I hope this helps you on your journey to making the art quilts that inspire you.

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