How Do You Know When Your Quilt is Done?

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Last week I lectured at the Durham/Orange Quilt Guild.  It was a lot of fun, and I got some great questions from the audience.  Here’s one I think most of us can relate to:  how do you know when your art quilt is done?  This is a great question, especially for those of us who have stepped off the “pattern train”.  In other words, you are making your own original work.

The title of my talk was “What Every Quilter Needs to Know, Before They Sew”.  And the time before you sew everything together is exactly the time to make the changes that can make or break your design.  This is when you need to ask yourself some important questions and look at your piece with detachment.  By the way, this is a key piece of training I do with all my Private Art Quilting students.

But today, I  am giving you the short version.

Here are some question that will help you with this process:

  • Ask yourself, is it too chaotic or busy?
  • Is there too little variety, is it a predictable snooze fest?
  • How’s your visual balance?  Does it look heavy on one side, or top heavy?
  • Does it appear unified?  Do all the parts seem to belong?
  • Does it  have a bull’s eye? You want your eye to move around the piece, not get stuck in one place.
  • Is your main idea clear? If not, eliminate anything that doesn’t belong.
  • Is there enough value contrast? (Take a B & W picture if you’re not sure).
  • Do the colors play well with each other?
  • Does there appear to be some kind of underlying structure that organizes the parts?

Feel free to borrow these, print them out and post to your studio wall.

Here’s a visual example of a 3-D piece I was working on last year.  I took pictures along the way to help me be more objective.

First attempt
First attempt

I liked the turquoise shapes with the other colors, but to me with all those shapes and colors going every which way, it looked chaotic.

Second attempt
Second attempt

In this version, I organized the blue shapes into a diagonal pattern, which helped the chaos, but I decided it was too busy in the end.


My last one looked something like this.  I decided to edit out the blue shapes and concentrate on the diversity and variety of the shapes I already had.  I think it’s much simpler and clearer.  Later on, I made another one that came out even better, I think!


This is the one I used on the set of Quilting Arts TV.  Which reminds me…..

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Susan and I on set
Susan and I on set


I hope these tips will help you when it comes time to evaluate your quilt before you sew.

As always, a big thanks for reading!


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That’s it from me, hope you have a wonderful, creative week!



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