Miriam’s Quilt

January is almost over!  I had a lovely birthday a few days ago.  Plus, I got to teach an impromptu private workshop yesterday.  Come see what we made…. 



So a few days ago, one of my students emails me and wants to know if I can do a quick private workshop for her niece from out of town.  I thought about it, and said, why not?  I’m so glad I did, because I got to share with a young girl the making of her first textile creation.  That doesn’t happen every day!  We planned, fused, cut and sewed in a very spontaneous way, and two hours later she had this to hang in her room:


I hope her aunt will teach her how to quilt it now! When I haven’t taught in a while, I forget what a rewarding experience it is to share what I know.  While we’re on that topic:

If you and a small group of folks want a more private instruction experience, call me.  We can work out a studio workshop in my studio. 


You can create a shadow on your pictorial art quilt by the cunning use of paint and a little water?  This technique is very effective if you want to create a shadow without covering up the under fabric.  And it’s so easy, but I recommend practicing on a scrap first.  So here’s how I went from this:


To this:


First I brushed a little water on the parts I wanted to shade (to the left of the trees).  Then I mixed my color, thinned it with thinner and brushed it over the wet parts with a sponge. The water makes it blend softly without covering up the fabric underneath.  After it dries you may want to do it again, because it dries much lighter.  I think I may do some more shading there later.  Next week I will be working on some sparkly highlights…If you have any questions about this process, please comment and ask below.

To see more painted art quilts of mine, hop on over to my website Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art.  They are there for your viewing and purchasing pleasure!


 Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.


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