My 5 Step Free Motion Quilting Blueprint

That picture at the top was a spectacular sunset I saw out of the windows of my studio.  I snapped several pictures quickly.  If you look above, you will see  a new piece with a sunset over mountains .  How close did I come with my colors?  I hope you stop to notice the brilliant colors of nature this time of year, and that they inspire you as they do me!


New Video!

My 5 Step Free Motion Quilting Blueprint

Where’s Roxane?

New video  

Here’s a short video that demonstrates some of what we learned this weekend.  Simply click here:

Rock Your Quilting Workshop

My 5 Step Free Motion Quilting Blueprint

This is just a small taste of what my students learned this past week in my Rock Your Quilting Workshop.  I offer it to you in case you couldn’t make it.  It’s really just a process of elimination.  Try it out and see if it helps you when you get overwhelmed standing in front of your unquilted piece.

  1. THREAD CHOICE:  Blend or stand out?  What colors?  What weights? Shine vs. matte? These will determine if your lines will blend or stand out. Pull out your threads and actually lay them onto your quilt to see if they blend or stand out.  
    Blue thread stands out, white thread blends
  2. DESIGNS/PATTERNS:  What kind of patterns do you like?  Preview them on your quilt top with clear plastic and grease pencils or vis-a-vis markers.  Don’t like them? Erase and keep trying new patterns.  Clear plastic on top of quilt, red marker lines
  3. PRACTICE:  Make a sandwich of same fabrics, batting and back.  Check tensions, choose bobbin threads.  
    practice piece
  4. PRACTICE MORE:  Free motion your patterns with your thread choices on the fabrics you used.  This warms you up, diminishes fear and increases confidence!
  5. QUILT:  Go quilt your actual piece for 30 mins. then take a break.  If you lose patience or concentration before then, break sooner.  Chocolate is helpful to quilting success!
Where’s Roxane?
It’s almost November!  I’ll be seeing you at the Piedmont   Craftsmen Fair in Winston-Salem on Nov. 16-18.  On Saturday at 11 AM, I will demonstrate my techniques of painting on fabric, like I do on my realistic pieces.  I will be offering a “door prize” of a small piece of my work.  I can’t wait to see you there!  I have lots of new work to purchase and my booth will have a whole new look!


 Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.

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