Next stage of constructing a new piece from a photo





Hi Everyone!

Here are the next stages in building this new Winter Crepe Myrtles piece.  As you may recall, I started with my photo, made it into a freezer paper pattern, and began choosing fabrics for the background and foreground.  I had to visit one of my favorite fabric dealers  stores, Thimble Pleasures. Oddly enough, I didn’t have the right tones (greyed down colors) for this commission.  I needed colors that were more muted for this particular room where the quilt will hang.

I also thought I would use a fusible batting to puff out the tree branches more.  Note to self, always test first.  When I began fusing to the pink tree fabric, there were ugly fuse marks showing through.  Marks that will yellow with time.  So scrap that idea. Yes, I  could have used non- fuse batting, but I decided to quilt the areas around the branches more heavily, thus puffing the branches out that way.  In the gallery below, you will see the pink tree fabric hanging upside down. 

I will now add it to the background.



Notice how the pink branches seem to change color compared to the background it is on.  Same fabric, just looks different!  That’s a concept in color theory that is called simultaneous contrast.  The green background is a darker value and the complement of the pink- which makes the pink look more vivid.  The lower branches blend in to the similar value of the background.  When I add paint, I will add both darker and lighter values that will bring this art quilt to life.

News Flash:

Penny Prichard and I have postponed our Rock Your Quilting Retreat until early March.  It turns out we needed a little more time to plan and promote it.  Stay tuned!

If you and a small group of folks want a more private instruction experience, call me.  We can work out a studio workshop in my studio. 

 Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.

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2 thoughts on “Next stage of constructing a new piece from a photo

  1. I love the picture of leaves on the opening page. Your best yet! I hope your last “weekend” getaway was a huge success. Just a little pricey for me but your description sounded so good. I am waiting for another class from you here in Raleigh. I was in the dyeing class at your house in Raleigh and had a great time.

    Sharon Everett

    1. Thanks Sharon. I will be offering another studio class this Spring, but the retreat will have to wait until I can get more people. The first studio workshop was a huge success, so I’d like to do it again for those who couldn’t make it before. Stay tuned!

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