Painting & Playing with Graycey

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Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!

Welcome back to the landscape quilt along.

Yes, I did get a little painting done this week, interrupted by playing with Graycey, our new kitten.  There is nothing so distracting as an adorable kitten!  Here she is posing with Big Lion, our large stuffed lion.



Did I mention she managed to rip out her stitches, had to go to the vet and now sports a mini cone for 2 weeks or so?


She looks like a miniature Huey, and has some of the same behaviors too,  except Huey doesn’t purr much, and this one purrs furiously when you scratch her.  Well, with such cuteness around, is it any wonder I didn’t get much done?


So I did discover that just using the Derwent paint sticks on the fabric alone wasn’t going to stay on the fabric without rubbing off.  Duh.  So I mixed my GAC Golden fabric medium up with some paint stick shavings.  That worked great.  I could also shave two or three colors together to make a new color, and just mix them together with my paint brush.  I like having this freedom to mix the exact color I want.  I put in more dark shadows and branches.  Next I got out my white paint, because I don’t have a white paint stick, and mixed in a little brown.  This is what I used to put in lighter branches and highlights from the sun hitting the branches.




I just used the flat edge of my 1/4 in brush to put those highlights in.



Make sure if you are painting on your design wall (like I am), put a large piece of plastic behind it, or you will be shopping for new wall fabric :).

Hopefully I will get more painting done over the Holiday.  Next week this blog is taking a mid- year break, so I hope your 4th of July plans are great fun!


Don’t forget to go see Artquilts voices at the Page-Walker in Cary, if you are local.  This will be it’s last week!!



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Susan and I on set

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2 thoughts on “Painting & Playing with Graycey

  1. Hi Roxanne, Feel free to ignore my suggestion and know that I love you. To get to your blog, one has to “click on the title to read the whole blog post” twice. I think you are losing people who are your peeps and would love to follow you. I would like to see more photos and content on the page that leads into them going to the blog and to only have to click on it once to get there. Or maybe all of it on the page before they even have to go more into it. My daughter signed up to do Gold on her own next year. I’ll be her partner and I am so excited that she committed at this level. Such a huge sign of growth.

  2. Roxane,
    Your landscape is looking really good. I love what you are doing with paint and the branches of the vine. I can’t wait to see this finished. This piece will inspire others to do landscapes.

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