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Last week we had some comments from my peeps about different ways to baste your quilt layers.  Check in the comment section to get some more ideas.  And if you have other ideas, I’d love to hear them!  One idea from Katherine had me cracking up- she said “[others use disposable earplugs]on the sharp end of the pin.”  I couldn’t help thinking- who has hundreds of  earplugs lying around?  And what a weird look you would get if you bought hundreds of them!!  Still, it would work to save your hands from sharp pins!  Thanks everyone for all your comments!



that the paints I use are developed for use on fabrics? Regular acrylics can be used, but the it will be stiffer when dry on the fabric. I have used Setacolors on both silk and cotton.  I have also used Jacquard paints and powdered Pearl Ex pigments.  One cool way to get just glitter and little color is to mix the pearlescent powders with a medium.  If you look closely on the white area of the flowers, you will see a light pearlesence from using Pearl Ex and Golden fabric medium.

Angel's Trumpets
Angel’s Trumpets


 My medium of choice is Golden GAC 900, fabric painting heat-setting medium.  It also makes your paint glide over the fabric better. Just mix, paint, let dry overnight, and heat set with your iron.  These days, I’m using Prochem textile paints, which I order from them.  Click on the link and you can get them too!


IMG_5369Some more progress on the commission.  I am working on the darkest shadows right now.  I mixed red and black and the Golden medium and a little thinning agent to get that color.  I do plan to use some sparkly powder for the highlights later on.  I can’t wait to quilt this one!

Do you paint on your quilts?  What kind of paint do you use? Do you paint before or after quilting?

If you and a small group of folks want a more private instruction experience, call me.  We can work out a studio workshop in my studio. 

 Permission to duplicate: You certainly can use this blog, just be sure to credit me and include this link, Roxane Lessa.




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6 thoughts on “Painting Progress

  1. Wow, those are both spectacular! I assume that the medium you use alters the hand of the fabric significantly?

  2. It does somewhat. If you quilt over painted areas, and you rip out, you will have needle holes that won’t close up. ASk me how I know…..

  3. I am entranced by the pearly quality of your work. Beautiful and masterly. I am reminded of Aubusson


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