You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….

 FEATURE ARTICLE:    You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….




  •  have beautiful art quilts inside your head, but don’t know where to begin, so you surf the web instead.
  •  don’t have the time because you are working hard or taking care of others.
  •  find money to do everything except invest in yourself.
  •  don’t think you are “good” enough.
  •  procrastinate by doing laundry or other tasks.
  •  are frustrated by lack of skill.
  •  start things but think they are no good and never finish them.
  • say things to yourself like, “I could never make something like that!”

And yet you want to make them; to get your hands into the fabric, the color, the textures and make something gorgeous and memorable. Maybe you even want to show and sell your work.  But something is stopping you. 

And that’s where I can help.

 You see, what makes my private coaching so valuable and so effective, is the one-on-one focus on your challenges.  Are  you going to get that focus in a big class?  Heck no! Oh sure, you may come away with a few new tricks and techniques.  But sometimes you need more help, more targeted support when you really want to make big progress.

I have been working with my private students now for a while and I love working with them; they are like my little chicks, hatching and growing.  My student Martha (the names have been changed to protect the not- so- innocent), is working on a cool new piece that she designed for entering into a show.  She’s not rushing (for once) and is enjoying the process.  My cyber student ( we get together over Facetime), is working on her composition and design skills, and making big progress.  And Jean had a session with me to trouble shoot technical issues with tensions and threads.  I’m thrilled to be able to empower them to make their own wonderful art.  

This is my promise to you:  we will define your goals, and I will help you with the necessary skills, accountability and encouragement you need to accomplish them.

 Now I realize that Private Art Quilting Mastery Coaching is not for everyone.  I work best with motivated, focused students who will practice the necessary skills to become good artists.  Perhaps you want to show your work at major shows, or sell  your work, or maybe you just really want to make those great art quilts in your head!

If you feel like you might be ready, but still have questions about how this works, please click HERE for more details.

When you are ready, just email me at  That’s it! I will tell you what to do next.

But don’t wait too long:  After November 30, the Pilot Program Pricing is going away.

 Wait, what??

Yup, don’t wait if you know you want to do this, because my pilot program is over Nov. 30th. and prices will go up.  You don’t have to start the actual coaching sessions until January, because I know everyone is crazy busy over the Holidays.  But, you can put a deposit down and save your spot for next year.  Payment plans are available too.  But I only have 5 spots open at these lower prices.

So here’s how it works:  

6 weeks  is $497, after Nov. 30th:  $997

12 weeks is $997, after Nov. 30th:  $1997

I hope you are ready to make 2014 your best year ever by investing in your self and your art.


Rox-50P.S.  I don’t hold anything back- you will get all my quilting secrets from my years of study and practice.  After all why, should it take you as long as it did me?  🙂

P.P.S.  If the Private Art Quilting Mastery Program is not right for you, perhaps you know someone who would love it?  If so, please forward this to your friends.

About Roxane

Roxane is a full time studio textile artist and teacher with two girls and 1 fat cat. She is a 2012 Niche Award Winner and exhibits her work all over the world. Her work is in several private collections and loves doing custom commissions.  For more info go to

If you and a small group of folks want a more private instruction experience, call me. We can work out a studio workshop in my studio. Just drop me an email:

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