Private Coaching

Have you always wanted to make original art quilts, but didn’t know where to begin?

Are you tired of taking big classes and not getting the attention you need?

Are you frustrated by your free motion quilting skills?

Do you have great ideas for art quilts in your head, but lack the confidence to make them?

Do you postpone finishing projects you have started?

Do you secretly want to be a professional art quilter?



Welcome to the New 6 month Private Art Quilting Masterclass

Here’s What You Get in the Program:

  • Art Quilting Mastery: 6 month intensive program- 6, 60 Min. in person OR  online sessions
  • Weekly personalized lesson plan based on your needs with “funwork” to practice your new skills
  • Email access for questions
  • Focused coaching on YOUR challenges to discover and create a body of work
  • Accountability in case you tend to procrastinate
  • Bonus:  Access to It’s Elemental, online design class valued at $97, and access to Design Your Dream Art Quilt online class valued at $397
  • Access to my Private Resource files including my PDF handouts, websites, blogs, books, and where to order recommended supplies.
  • Training in technical skills to raise the quality of your work to the highest standard


  • Confidence
  • Skills & Techniques
  • Better knowledge of Design & Composition Skills
  • How to use Color & Value effectively
  • How to choose the right fabrics, threads, & needles for your piece
  • Help for free-motion quilting
  • Starting on making a body of work that reflects your unique voice
  • Action plan for making your art quilts from start to finish
  • Crafting your artist statement
  • Get into more shows, maybe even win some awards, and sell your work (all of these have already  happened for some of my private students)


If you are ready to express your unique art in fiber, email me at to set up your free GET CREATIVE CALL to see if this is a good fit for you.


I have 2 packages:

The Create Your Dream Art Quilt 

This course is designed to help you get that art quilt out of your head and into reality.  It is a quick start overview of the process and techniques of making 1 art quilt of your choice. At the end of 6 weeks, you will have created your “dream art quilt”!

6 weeks of awesome, intense private coaching with Roxane-  $750

New 6 month Private Art Quilting Masterclass- $1997

 Registering and paying in full gets you a bonus 1 hour coaching session! 

If you are ready for more, and want this premium package, please email me at to set up your FREE GET CREATIVE  phone call.

You can also choose 3 equal payments of $799.



Studying with Roxane has been my Art School!  She introduced me to tools which I now use to evaluate my designs and improve them.  She brought me back again and again to the principals of design as they applied to my art work.  As a result of working with Roxane, I sold my first fiber art piece and had another piece accepted into the show for which it was made.  I’m also doing my first Solo Show in July, 2015.  She helps me set goals and enables me to reach them!

Roxane rocks!~ Susan Lane

I appreciate your teaching techniques that offer instruction that is applied to individual projects rather than a “cookie cutter” approach to skill building. You encourage creative expression while building the necessary bridges to help your students acquire the skills they need to create art.”  ~Ann Thompson

“I now have a process to follow to make an art quilt..or any quilt for that matter. Having a process to follow helps get around ‘road blocks’ of the mind…..I can free motion quilt with confidence without the stitch regulator foot!  I truly value your coaching style of teaching.  Your encouragement and constant nudges when discomfort/anxiety diverted focus from the task of learning free motion quilting technique were extremely valuable.” ~ Nora Rhode

“I would highly recommend Roxane Lessa’s Personal Coaching sessions for art quilters.  I have been an art quilter for a number of years.  I had a body of work, some which I liked and some I did not.  In my first session, we looked over my work and discussed it.  I had a number of pieces which did not work but I could not identify the problem.  Roxane astutely pointed out that I had trouble with value.  Within a given piece I did not vary the value, thus the image was muddy even if the colors were bright.  I do not know why I did not see this before, but it was an eye opening observation.  I have been working on this problem. I am getting better but I still need to practice.  I hope to be able to do a second set of sessions and work on balance within a composition which is a problem that has come up in my homework assignments.  I have been in group art quilt class before which I enjoyed, but this one- on- one coaching is just what I needed to help improve my work.” ~ Katy Gollahon

Roxane Lessa has been teaching since 2008, and loves to share the joy of art quilting.  She is an award winning art quilter, and author, who has exhibited in many shows, including Houston Int’l Quilting Festival, Tactile Architecture, In Full Bloom, and Paqa-So. shows.  She has recently become a BERNINA ambassador, and has appeared on Quilting Arts TV. She continues to explore new ways to use the fiber medium to create art, and share with her students.  She also has a weekly blog that shares new work, videos, tips and techniques, and upcoming exhibits, .  You can see her work at She lives and works in Raleigh, NC and has 2 daughters.

I’m here to help you make your own amazing art quilts.  Let’s have fun and make your art quilts a reality!







Snapshot 2012-11-29 15-10-36


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5 thoughts on “Private Coaching

  1. I am interested in learning more about your Art Coaching. I have been a painter from childhood, currently focused on watercolor. I learned to sew as a child and studied weaving & fiber arts in college and have taken my first quilting classes this year. I’m fascinated by art quilts — much more than by traditional quilts, but felt learning the basics could provide a fundamental place to start.
    I have always considered myself to be an artist and have explored many different media. I am not currently an Art Quilter, but maybe that’s my next experience. Do your available sessions happen on the same/overlapping schedule or are they consecutive? Could you tell me about your pricing?
    Susan Smoot

    1. Hi Susan,

      I’m happy to talk with you about your goals for your art quilting! It sounds like with your art background you would have a real leg up! Let me send you a pre-call questionnaire that will help us determine if this would be a good fit for you. I will send it to your regular email account.



  2. Hi Roxane,
    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise in the SAQA webinar =
    yesterday. It was very informative and helpful to hear 3 different =
    approaches to selling. You mentioned that you also mentor folks who are =
    trying to get their work out there. I have been a fiber artist for a =
    number of years and actually had a small business doing hand painted =
    silk flags for marching bands and winterguards (I was a featured artist =
    a few years ago on the Dharma Trading Co website). When the recession =
    hit it really impacted that business so I got back into the workplace. =
    Anyway, long story short, I have cut back to parttime and am devoting =
    more time to fiberarts. I was recently juried into a show at the Texas =
    Quilt Museum (this is the first time I have submitted work to be juried) =
    and realized I’m stepping into a whole new world that, frankly, I feel a =
    little lost in…make that a lot lost in!! =20

    I absolutely love your work which really resonates with me. Like you, I =
    work with 3D, felting, silk, and atypical quilting fibers and =
    techniques. I know you are probably swamped after the webinar yesterday =
    with requests, but I really believe that you could help me figure what =
    direction to take with my work. Also, I lived in Winston-Salem for many =
    years (now in Florida) so am very familiar with Piedmont Craftsmen and =
    know they represent the very best artists. I don’t really have a web =
    presence with the exception of Dharma, but would be happy to send you =
    photos of my work. I’m currently working on a series based on the =
    creation story for our church (just finished day 2) so have some very =
    current work available. =20

    I know this is a little long and appreciate your patience. Again, thank =
    you for sharing your wisdom on the webinar yesterday and I look forward =
    to hearing from you.

    Ellen Schwark

    1. I will be letting you know in the blog when I will be having another one. Hopefully in June/July- stay tuned!

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