Stop “Adulting” Yourself!

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Hi Everyone!

Let’s get right to the point.

I know you want to make the art quilts you dream about.  You know, the ones you drool over on Pinterest, at quilt shows, and other venues.  You say to yourself, “I wish I could use color like that”. Or, ” If only I could draw or had artistic talent”. Or, how about this, “I just don’t have time these days.”

Now, I’m not a witch, and I can’t read your minds, but I’ve heard y’all talk about it in classes, at quilt shops, and at shows I’ve been in.  I’ve been around the block a few times with this stuff, and I know how you think and what you think you are capable of.

Usually it’s some version of, I don’t have what it takes, and it’s pretty hopeless.  Or why should I even try, someone is already making a better one than I could ever make. Close?

I want to answer that question today. Why should I even try?

Because, when you try to make something new and express yourself in some way, part of you grows. Part of you feels expanded and liberated.  The child in you that wants to come out and play feels acknowledged and loved. And then joy happens!

So often we shut down that part of ourselves by “adulting” ourselves.  You know, don’t pay attention to that artistic side of you because it’s not practical, and besides where is it going to lead?  Blowing off responsibilities in the “real ” world, wasting time, and the like.

But you and I both know there is an ache to express yourself that gets denied.  Next thing you know, you are crabby and snap at people and don’t know why. If this rings true for you, I would like to help. I want you to stop “adulting” yourself, just for a little while.

And I have some concrete steps you can take right NOW.  Here’s where the fun starts!

  1. Pick something you would like coaching on: it can be a WIP, an old piece you gave up on, an idea you want advice on, any art quilting project you would like help with in short. It could also be a traditional quilt you would like help with.
  2. Take a picture of it. Ask me your question about it
  3. Send it to me at
  4. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability and get you moving again on that project. I will remove the obstacles that are preventing you from having fun and making art.

I call it Quick Spot Coaching.  It’s just the thing for this dull time of year to get your creative juices going.  Don’t worry about the type of project, just send in your questions and I will do my best to help.  (Just to be perfectly obvious, no charge for this Quick Spot Coaching,;)

Now, here comes more fun….a wee contest!

When you ask me your question, your name goes into a random drawing to win a free spot in my next upcoming online class, DESIGN YOUR DREAM ART QUILT, Spring 2017.  You can enter more than once if you like with 2 separate queries. I will be opening up the class soon for registration.  It will start on April 1, 2017.  The tuition for this 8 week class is $397.  I typically have a small group of very dedicated, passionate students, so you gets lots of individual attention for the run of the course.  If you want to stop “adulting” yourself in a big way, this class will help!

That’s it! I will be sharing more info about the course over the next few weeks, but for now you can check it out by clicking HERE.  So what do you want to make and how I can I help????



For all you online class junkies, I am offering a new class online.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint details for depth and realism on your quilts?


If the answer is yes, read on.  My popular Painted & Fused Morning Glory class is going to be offered online  to the general public for the first time.  I have taught this class many times and each time I’m awed at the fabulous results everyone gets, with each flower being slightly different.

This class is open for registration  now and starts January 1 and is only $39.00!

And you can do it at your own pace in your own house, in your jammies, without running around.  All lessons will be available to you at the same time, in case you get inspired and want to work fast.

Here is the linky thingy to register:

I hope you will enjoy this fun class, it will remind you of Spring in the middle of Winter!

And, you will learn all the techniques I used to paint my latest landscape art quilt….

Would you like to work with me one on one? Maybe you would like to make original work, show it and perhaps sell it?

This has actually happened for my client Susan!

 Susan has just let me know, she sold this quilt! Congratulations, Susan!

One of my private clients, Susan, has had her quilt, “Nature Takes Back Her Own”,  that was accepted into the prestigious Houston IQA World of Beauty Show.

NatureTakesBackHerOwn 72

As part of our work together, I coached her on the making of this quilt.  She was able to realize her vision to design, make and get her art quilt into one of the best shows in the world!  How about you, are you ready???


Look into my 6 month Private Coaching Masterclass!

 I have extended my private coaching program, from 3 months to 6 months.  I believe the transformation my students are looking for must take place over a longer period of time to have a lasting impact.

I want you to make the most amazing, original art quilts that you can.  That is why I am now accepting private students who are serious about their creative expression in the world of art quilting.  Take advantage of my 17+ years as a textile artist, and speed up your learning curve. To work with me privately, please set up your initial, no obligation,  free Get Creative Call here: Schedule Appointment You can find out more by clicking on the Testimonials and Private Coaching tabs to the right in the sidebar or at the menu at the top.



Here’s what one guild VP had to say recently:

I’m usually Johnny on the Spot but missed the boat last week re these BIG THANKS.  Loved your presentation. Heard very positive and supportive remarks from the guests…thank you again for the well-defined and creative presentation.  Look forward to seeing you again. 


Here’s a link to my contract with current lecture and class rates:  Contract


Don’t forget to get yours:  Quilting Arts TV has the new 1500 Series available for download-  YES this is the one I am in (squee!!) Click HERE to get yours.


Susan and I on set

My Pinterest: You can take a look at my pins, which are organized on different “boards” HERE.

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Roxane is a full time studio textile artist, teacher, and author, with two girls, who are both growing up too fast!  She recently appeared on Quilting Arts TV, and has taught at the Houston quilt show.  She is also a BERNINA ambassador. Her work is in several private collections and she loves doing custom commissions.  For more info go to

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