Valuing Value Part 2


Hi Everyone! A big welcome to all the new readers!  What’s new?  The pool opened and we have been swimming and hiking around the lake.  I’ve got a new program in the works, which I will not go into here, but stay tuned…. STUDIO SNIPPETS Last week I finally got to dive into color. YAY! […]

Miriam’s Quilt

January is almost over!  I had a lovely birthday a few days ago.  Plus, I got to teach an impromptu private workshop yesterday.  Come see what we made….    IN THIS POST:  MIRIAM’S FIRST QUILT, DID YOU KNOW?  So a few days ago, one of my students emails me and wants to know if I can […]

Next stage of constructing a new piece from a photo

IN THIS POST: NEW WORK NEWS    Hi Everyone! Here are the next stages in building this new Winter Crepe Myrtles piece.  As you may recall, I started with my photo, made it into a freezer paper pattern, and began choosing fabrics for the background and foreground.  I had to visit one of my favorite […]