How is designing an art quilt like playing with legos?

Last time we talked about the initial stages of beginning a new original art quilt.  In this post, I will share one of my pieces I wrote 5 years ago on the subject of the elements of design and how to use them in your work. Yes I have been writing and learning and teaching […]

How to Design & Start an Art Quilt

Many of my students and readers online in my Facebook group, Joyful Art Quilting have been asking how to design and start an art quilt. It’s a loaded question, which begets many other questions. I think this question is so large it may actually be a series of posts. So let’s dive in… First of […]

A New Piece for a Pilot

Please click on the title to read the full post. Hi Everyone!   I’m working on a piece to celebrate the life and career of a pilot. Not just any pilot….he’s my guy.  Almost a year ago, I started dating a wonderful guy who just happens to be an airline pilot.  His career has survived […]