Quilty Eye Candy (warning: pretty pictures follow)

IN THIS ISSUE FEATURE ARTICLE:  QUILTY EYE CANDY ROXANE RECOMMENDS WHERE’S ROXANE? FEATURE ARTICLE:  QUILTY EYE CANDY Last week I went to Cary, NC to see the PAQA-South exhibits of ArtQuilts: water and ArtQuilts: rivers, on display from Jan, 4-Mar, 24.  Rather than blab about it, I’ll just post the pictures and you can see […]

Dolphins Rising-Work In Progress

I finally got back into the studio to do some more quilting on Dolphins Rising.  I do love to quilt, so why then do I procrastinate some days?  There are hours and hours of quilting in this art quilt, but that hasn’t stopped me before.  Maybe I’m getting lazy as the good weather is now […]