You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….

 FEATURE ARTICLE:    You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….   YOU  have beautiful art quilts inside your head, but don’t know where to begin, so you surf the web instead.  don’t have the time because you are working hard or taking care of others.  find money to do everything except invest in yourself.  don’t think you […]

Joyce Watkins King at the Carrack Modern Art Gallery, Durham

 FEATURE ARTICLE: Joyce Watkins King at the Carrack Modern Art Gallery, Durham DID YOU KNOW? Pinterest  WHAT’S NEW?  Glad you asked….. FEATURE ARTICLE: Joyce Watkins King  My friend, Joyce Watkins King, is an amazing artist who lives right here in Raleigh, NC.   She is a strong and beautiful person, who does original and beautiful mixed media […]

Enneagrams in Asheville

Hi everyone, Just a quick post from beautiful Asheville, where I am learning all about the Enneagrams system for personality types. I can talk about it all day, but for now, let's just say self knowledge is a good thing! As a matter of fact, knowledge of all types is a good thing. More about […]