What Are My Students Up To?


Hi Everyone! My students have always inspired and amazed me.  But now that I am working with them privately, we are able to really delve deeply into their wants and needs as emerging art quilters.  The results have been amazing!  Scroll down and take a look: Here is Cathy, with her son, proudly holding up […]

Finding Your Voice


Hi Everyone! Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have found your “voice” as a quilter? And anyway, what the heck does that means to “find your voice”?  And what do you do with it once you have “found” it? Once you begin making a body of work, eventually, you will notice some similarities. […]


Living room

Hi Everyone! Moving is right up there with divorce, death and  life’s other stressful events. But, we won’t focus on that part of it.   Today, I want to celebrate the start of a new year, my new Private Art Coaching Practice, and my new place!   I am starting to add art like my piece, […]