Finding Your Voice

Hi Everyone! Have you ever found yourself wondering if you have found your “voice” as a quilter? And anyway, what the heck does that means to “find your voice”?  And what do you do with it once you have “found” it? Once you begin making a body of work, eventually, you will notice some similarities. […]


Living room

Hi Everyone! Moving is right up there with divorce, death and  life’s other stressful events. But, we won’t focus on that part of it.   Today, I want to celebrate the start of a new year, my new Private Art Coaching Practice, and my new place!   I am starting to add art like my piece, […]

Happy New Year!


Hi Everyone! The blog and I have been on “Holiday”, but we’re back!  Some big changes are in the works.  First of all, I’m moving.  YAY!  Good news is my new place is right near Lake Johnson.  I’m looking forward to lake walks and birdsong.  My office/studio will be right there too, so those of […]