Boylan Art Walk 2013 Is Here!

Fabric art card

FEATURE ARTICLE: Boylan Art Walk 2013 Is Here! So you wanna get your shopping done for the Holidays, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.  You hate the mall, and all that it stands for.   You’d like to shop LOCAL if you can, but you have uber hard- to- buy- […]

Guest Blogger: Elaine Quehl, First Prize Winner at Houston Int’l Quilt Festival


FEATURE ARTICLE:  Guest Blogger  ELAINE QUEHL, First Prize Winner at Houston Int’l Quilt Festival! I recently met Elaine online after admiring her work for a long time.  When I heard she won the first prize in Houston for Curtain Call 2 in the Art-Naturescapes category, I was so happy for her.  And it couldn’t have happened […]

You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….

 FEATURE ARTICLE:    You Might Need Private Art Coaching If….   YOU  have beautiful art quilts inside your head, but don’t know where to begin, so you surf the web instead.  don’t have the time because you are working hard or taking care of others.  find money to do everything except invest in yourself.  don’t think you […]