The Vintage View Quilt Show Coming Soon!

Fabric Artcard

Hi Everyone! This week’s post is a simple shameless plug for the Vintage View Quilt Show and for the Capital Quilters Guild here in Raleigh.  There are many tireless volunteers putting on this amazing show, and they are hard at work getting it ready for YOU!   I will personally will be there with a […]

The Rock Your Quilting Reunion

Sharon's WIP

Hi Everyone! We had a reunion party for ladies who took my Rock Your Quilting workshop last year.  Let me tell you, these ladies are rockin it still! They are all working on their own projects, and exploring art quilting in various forms. They are actively engaged in finding their own voices, instead of trying […]

What Are My Students Up To?

Hi Everyone! My students have always inspired and amazed me.  But now that I am working with them privately, we are able to really delve deeply into their wants and needs as emerging art quilters.  The results have been amazing!  Scroll down and take a look: Here is Cathy, with her son, proudly holding up […]