Two Ways to Dye

There are two ways I have been dyeing lately:  platter dyeing and shibori, which I recently learned at NC Quilt Symposium for Jan Myers-Newbury.  Here’s a quick tute on platter dyeing.  I first got some insulation board at Home Depot and had them cut the pieces up into 4 large pieces.  Then I sealed the edges with packing tape.  I had all my dyes mixed already and my PFD fabric was pre-soaked in soda ash solution.  (I ordered the fabric from Dharma Trading Co).  Here’s a platter in a laundry basket to catch drips.








Here’s my dye table and after the dye is applied to the fabric, I put it out to dry and cure in the hot sun.  When it’s dry, it’s done!

drying in the sun







dyed 1/2 yard










And now Shibori:

shibori wrapped on poles

The pre-soaked fabric is twisted and scrunched down on pvc poles and held in place by rubber bands.  Then these poles were soaked in buckets of dye.  Wherever the dye does not hit, there is a resist created.





Some results- dyed and over-dyed with shibori method: these were pretty boring to start with, but look at them now!








What will these fabrics become?  Don’t know yet, but stay tuned down the road to find out…..

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5 thoughts on “Two Ways to Dye

  1. Since I had dye day yesterday, this was a great post for me. Platter dyeing…new to me…can’t wait to try it! Will any flat surface work for a platter?

    Tried shibori last night and it was NOT successful…yours looks great! I guess I’ll have to practice some more–oh, darn! Hope you had as much fun as I did!

  2. I am interested in what you are doing with hand-dyeing. Platter-dyeing is a new concept to me. I took a shibori class at Symposium and I love the result! I have not been organized enough to try it on my own yet. Or courageous enough either. I find I’m doing other things instead……Don’t know if I could do it on my own….. Your “Blue Desert” is fascinating. I find
    my creativity wanes when left on my own. I need to find out about your next class at Thimble Pleasures! Jane Levy

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for your comments. Platter dyeing is fun and easy. Next classes at T.P. are my ColorPlay for Quilters and the Fused Applique class. I’m thinking of doing another dyeing class this month- would you be interested?

  3. Hi Roxanne. Have been playing in the dye bath also, but am experimenting with Marbeling. Finding out what fabrics work, which Paints are good, etc. But I am interested in your class on threads. When are you going to have another one? Please note my change of email.
    Pat Smith

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