Where do I exhibit? At New Bern Artworks, of course!

New Bern Artworks

I missed a week of blogging recuperating from my weekend of “yachting”.  The weekend was loooooong.  I had plenty of practice sharing my work and educating folks on my art tapestries, but no sales.  While that was somewhat disappointing, I’m glad I did it.  The boat and galleries within were gorgeous.  Being on the water was lovely.  I always love being near or on water (see my Water series).




And now on to the BIG news:  on my way home I went to New Bern ArtWorks.

New Bern Artworks







I had been speaking to the four partners of the gallery since July about showing my work there.  This opportunity came about because whilst on vacation this summer, my BF and I went to New Bern, where he used to live.  We checked out all the galleries and liked this one the best.  TAKE NOTE:  if you want to be represented by a gallery- go in, introduce yourself and show and talk about your work.  It helps to have a virtual gallery or website, and then FOLLOW UP if they show some interest.

Now, I don’t know if they will sell my work, but I am very hopeful.  I will be there on the grand opening on Oct. 28 to meet with the gallery’s patrons and collectors.  I’m SO excited!!!!  This feels like a huge milestone to me and for my career.

So what’s the take away here?  Open your mouth and introduce yourself to gallery owners.  Here’s a great resource about this:  Starving to Successful.  How are you exhibiting your work?

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4 thoughts on “Where do I exhibit? At New Bern Artworks, of course!

  1. Roxanne, I am catching up… sorry for the delay on responding to your comment. And a big thank you for the comment on “Bryce Canyon” — you are very kind! I am tickled to find your site! Your pieces are beautiful, creative, and I LOVE love the Bryce Canyon… the figurative point of view is spectacular, and inspirational! And I so appreciate your encouragement… looking forward to seeing more of your work! (Tried to leave this via contact but something isn’t working on your site?!)

    1. Yah, I changed servers and web hosts yesterday-so some things got a bit delayed. Thanks for your comment on my Bryce Canyon!

  2. Congrats Roxane! The gallery looks beautiful. I hope you are very successful there. Keep me posted!

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