Willy the Wonder Dog

No I didn’t get a dog.  I just borrowed one from my boyfriend, who is watching him for his sister.  He is a therapy dog so he gives hugs and plays with squeaky toys.  Folks, it doesn’t get any cuter than this.  My cat hates him.  But we all LOVE him!

Painting fabric









Today, I began pulling out fabric for the next quilt in the desert series.  You can see the picture book I’m using for inspiration.  Thought I had all the perfect fabric-don’t.   So I had to paint the sky fabric.  Yesterday it took 3 tries to get the pattern right.  And today, it took 2 tries to get the painting done.  Actually, once it dried, I decided to redo it with better fabric and darker colors.  It is hard to blend the colors with water while still making the colors deep.  So it will be 3 tries to paint the sky.  I hope this trend isn’t going to continue.  Why do you have to make mistakes before you can get it right?

I’m hoping tomorrow the painting will go better.  Speaking of painting, come learn from my mistakes in my Painting Your Masterpiece class on Nov. 7  & 14 from 10-1 in Raleigh at Bernina World of Sewing.  I’m actually not bad at it and can help you get over your fears of putting paint on fabric.

See? This is one of my better efforts:




Unopened, Fiber, 24″ x 33″, 2008


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