“You Must Have A Lot of Patience”

That is something I hear a lot when people look at one of my fiber art tapestries.  To them I say, um, you obviously don’t know me very well!  I don’t have a lot of patience.  I don’t have patience with my kids.  I make up my mind quickly when shopping.  I don’t like to dawdle and people like that make me crazy.  I realize this is my problem, not theirs.  However, when I’m working on a new piece or anything that makes my heart sing, I can spend hours doing it.  I know for some of you, you feel like that when you work in your gardens, or listen to music or read or doing anything you love.  So that’s why I do what I do:  I love anything to do with color or fiber.  So patience?  Nah!  I don’t have it.  Just Passion!  What are you passionate about?  I really want to know!!  Please comment.

P.S.  Don’t forget to fill out the survey from the last post so I can make you a  free small art quilt for your home or business!!!

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4 thoughts on ““You Must Have A Lot of Patience”

  1. Love your latest work-it draws me in for a closer and longer look!

    I am passionate about my art, my faith, my family and (know this sounds corny)taking risks to live a full life.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Not corny at all. I think as artist we are all a bit in the risky biz. Which latest work? I have several series going on at the same time :)!

  2. Passion is the perfect word to describe how I feel about creating with fiber. It totally reaches into my soul and fulfills my dreams.

    1. You put it very succinctly, thank you Kathy. I am fortunate in that I have 2 passions- fiber art and dancing. But I really noticed a void in my life when I was moving earlier this year, and wasn’t creating anything-it totally sucked!

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